Waag Society Beta-Textiles Workshop


Presented Beta-Textiles and electronics during Beta-Textiles Workshop

Sep 9, 2012
Waag Society

In the scope of the STS CRISP project, we organize a workshop concentrating on experiments with textiles and Open Source code principles. This workshop is interesting for textile designers, programmers and fashion designers who want to think about new principles in the field of fabric design.

Fabric not only consists of fibers, but also from code. There are underlying patterns to woven and knitted fabrics, which in many cases are made by computerized machines. These patterns can be read as code that and is easily duplicated. What would happen if this code becomes available under Open Source licenses? Is it an interesting idea to develop textiles with an open and accessible blueprint, so that anyone can alter the textile?

The workshop

During this workshop we will work with fabric and codes. We use textiles (Beta Textiles) developed by researchers at the CRISP consortium Smart Textiles. Led by experts, participants are challenged to improvise with the Beta Textiles and develop new fabric designs. There are a few meters of Beta Textile available to experiment with. After the hands-on experiments we will discuss the impact that this new way of working can have on the industry, society and your own work.


Waag, Nieuwmarkt 4, 1012 CR Amsterdam


Friday 29th of June, 10.00 - 17.00 hrs

The workshop is organised by Waag, V2, TU/Eindhoven and the Design Academy in collaboration with Paula Kassenaar from Hatter & Hare, Marina Toeters from SAXION, Martijn ten Bhömer and Oscar Tomico from TUe and Michelle Baggerman from DAE. Materials are done by Huub Waulthers from the Audax Textile Museum.

Martijn ten Bhömer
Martijn ten Bhömer
Co-founder & CTO

Specialized in the design, research and development of intelligent products.