Pluis Uit

Pluis uit book sensor and multi-touch application.

Multi-touch application for the library

In collaboration with public library Library Waterweg in Schiedam the application “Pluis Uit” has been developed. This was part of an innovation project where I was asked to co-develop products that made better use of available technology in the library. Pluis Uit aids visitors of the library in the exploration of a library collection. The application consists from two parts: an interface and a book sensor. Pluis uit is a Dutch expression which can be translated as sifting, in this context exploring the collection of a library. Also the word “pluis” is the name for the parachute like dandelion seeds.


The application is built for the Microsoft Surface platform, which enables multi-touch and multi-user computing on various hardware devices. The interface of the application has been specifically designed to enable exploration of data from various relevant information sources. The user can obtain an overview of available reviews and comments but also multimedia content such as images and videos. Because of the connection with the catalogue of the library the interface can also present up-to-date information about the book, for example where the book is located. It is also possible to find related books based on the lending history of other clients. These related books can then also be explored.

Book sensor

A sensor to read the digital tags (RFID) which are located in library books has been designed and realized. By placing a book on the flat side of the sensor books are recognized and the interface can present information from the title. The form factor of the device matches the design of the Pluis uit interface and can specifically be used with the Microsoft Surface table.

  • Designers: Martijn ten Bhömer
  • Partner: Library Waterweg, Schiedam
  • Materials: MDF wood, RFID reader, Arduino, Microsoft Surface Table, LEDs
  • Techniques: Laser cutting, Soldering, Programming
Introduction of the Pluis Uit system.
Microsoft Surface with the developed book sensor platform attached.
Components of the book sensor platform.
The application offers the user the possibility to explore meta-data connected to the book, for example related books can be viewed.
Scenario of library visitors using the Pluis Uit system.