Vigour exhibited at Technical Museum Vienna "Urban future – thinking forward"

News - Thursday, June 9, 2016

Vigour was acquired in the permanent collection of the Technical Museum Vienna, letting visitors experience the process of innovation in our cities today and in the future.

Urban Life section in the exhibition. Photo by Technisches Museum Wien ©.

There’s no denying the fact that the living space of the future will be urban. Cities account for around half the world’s population living on a mere two per cent of the world’s surface area – and by the year 2050, that figure will most probably have risen to more than two thirds. This global trend raises all sorts of questions. How do we want to live in the future? What sort of homes will we want? How will we want to build, travel around, and supply ourselves with energy? How do we intend to feed ourselves? How will we structure our cities? And who will own our cities?

The starting point of this exhibition is the new urban innovations special exhibition area which, together with the adjoining permanent exhibitions on urban life, urban mobility and urban energy, give fresh impetus to the further development of our urban spaces. The new exhibition ‘Zukunft der Stadt – Future of the City’, consists of the big sections Urban mobility, Urban innovations, Urban life and Urban energy, and will last for the next 2 years in the Museum.

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Opening celebration of the exhibition. Photo by Technisches Museum Wien ©.
The Vigour showcase in the ‘Social Engineering’-Sector of urban life. Photo by Technisches Museum Wien ©.
Technical Museum Vienna. Photo by Technisches Museum Wien ©.
Sensefloor and Vigour in exhibition. Photo by Technisches Museum Wien ©.