Article about Vigour and Vibe-ing in Tekstiililehti Magazine

News - Wednesday, May 4, 2016

The Finnish magazine “Tekstiililehti” published an article written by Kristi Kuusk which features — amongst others — the Vibe-ing and Vigour projects.

Article in Tekstiililehti.

The article was published in a magazine published by The Finnish Textile Technology Association (STTL Association), which is a community for the technical professionals in the Finnish textile, clothing and footwear industry. The article takes a service perspective on several issues surrounding the topic wellbeing.

Smart textiles combine traditional textile canvas with electronic and digital materials, and hold the properties of both – the soft skin friendly fabric and the dynamic data components. The combination of textiles and technology opens up opportunities for societal sustainability and wellbeing. Those go beyond the product-oriented sustainability aspects for textile items and are moving towards service-oriented thinking.