Chapter published in book "Advances in Smart Medical Textiles"

News - Saturday, December 5, 2015

The chapter “Designing ultra-personalised embodied smart textile services for well-being” is part of the book edited by Lieva van Langenhove from Ghent University.

Cover “Advances in Smart Medical Textiles”. Published by Woodhead Publishing.

Advances in Smart Medical Textiles: Treatments and Health Monitoring provides comprehensive coverage on smart textiles, the emerging and important materials that are finding applications in the fields of medicine and healthcare. The book explores the range of smart textiles available for use in medicine and the transfer of these innovative technologies into medical applications. Early chapters survey various smart fibers, fabrics, and finishes, while subsequent sections focus on the role of smart textiles in treating patients, from wound care to rehabilitation, and the use of textile-based sensors and wearable electronics for monitoring patient health.

Our chapter discusses how smart textiles are becoming more integrated with service ecosystems that go beyond the current horizontal textile value chain and open up a vast field of opportunities to develop close-to-the-body applications in the area of well-being. The role of the body, the degree of personalisation, and the prototyping process provide opportunities for ultra-personalisation within these new types of embodied STSs. An analys presented in the chapter leads to three notions of ultra-personalisation: personalisation through the material properties, the design of the garment, and the programming of the interactions with the wearer.

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