Martijn ten Bhömer focuses on designing smart textile services for healthcare and wellbeing. During his PhD research at the department of Industrial Design of Eindhoven University of Technology he was part of the Designing Quality in Interaction research group where he investigated how an embodied approach can support the design of products such as intelligent garments for physical rehabilitation and intelligent textiles for care environments. Currently, Martijn works with companies to develop smart textile services, bridging the worlds of development, production, implementation and use. He worked as researcher and design consultant in environments such as Microsoft Research, Deutsche Telekom and http://www.omsignal.com. Martijn exhibited his work in numerous international venues, published articles in leading journals and conferences and valorized his research into patents and products.

Martijn ten Bhömer. Photo by Bart van Overbeeke photography.

Smart Textile Services

In the last years, smart textiles have become more and more integrated with service ecosystems that go beyond the current vertical textile value chain. This is extending the material and tangible properties of smart textiles with more intangible properties from services. The ability to measure and store data from the body combined with changes on the functionality of smart textiles over time opens a new world of opportunities. In the past five years Martijn worked on exemplars of smart textile services that have been developed during his PhD research within the CRISP project, in collaboration with healthcare service providers, local textile and technology industry.